About this Bible blogger

All my life (over half a century) I have been in love with stories and words–particularly in the English language. For years I taught English Lit and even today write and proof-read in my current work.

About ten years ago I was given a gift of a trip to Israel to study the Holy Land. As a Sister of Mercy I was working for a Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in the Bible. Both the studies and the trip turned out to be the most wonderful presents I had ever received.

Traveling to all the holy places that I was studying and had read about really lifted my spirits. I made a promise to myself to repay this wondrous gift by sharing my thoughts and feelings in a meditative way.

When I was invited to author a blog and it was the beginning of Lent 2009, I jumped at the chance. I am sharing with you, dear reader, some of my musings and wonderings about the Holy Book with persons who might also be musing and wondering.

Please don’t hesitate to respond to this blog with your suggestions, questions, or reflections. None of us was here 5000+ years ago and all of us have a piece of the whole Biblical word picture. In fact there are at least seven cities/temples buried under the current existing one and many editions of the Bible over the centuries and even now in many languages. So nothing is ever final and everything is open for discussion.

So, I look into my world for the insights and ponderings of a new and revelatory spiritual life. Please feel free to join me on my trip. The Lord promises that He is the way and accompanies us on our journey.

Blessings on our thoughts.

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