Small Change

When I was younger my father used to say, “Beat it small change before I spend you!” I always giggled because I knew he was kidding. I asked him what was small change and he answered by telling me the definition of CHANGE.
For me autumn has always meant change. As a student it meant a new class or new friends or even a new school and teachers. As a grownup it meant summer was over and a new year was beginning.
I have always liked this kind of change. I like it because while there is not a great change in me personally, I had a chance to be different and to grow and to choose to do something different.
There are a lot of changes in my life this year. I am a little scared, a little bewildered, a little worried. But I do not have to be. While the leaves turn I am growing older, wiser, and more complicated. And all those who love me are with me in spirit. Those who are around are in touch in so many ways. Those who have left me for a better place are watching over me with love. And if I say a few words to them each morning when I awake they will accompany me on my way through the day. Look for those little surprises. You will find them or feel them. They will touch your heart in a special place.
I choose to spend my life looking for the good things that are happening around. Believe it or not an optimist can make everyone feel better. So as the leaves change, as the world changes, as your life goes through change, choose to spend your days spending small changes and making the world a better place.
And my father is having a good and hearty laugh.

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