Monthly Archives: August 2013


I was reading an ad the other day.I was thinking-another school year is beginning.Beginnings are so wonderful.One gets a new start; in school one gets new teachers ready to impart some new ideas; new friends I have never met or would like to know more about or even a new school where I am known only to a few and I have the chance to begin again.
That is where the title/headline of this blog makes so much sense. My life is going to accumulate all this new information. It doesn’t matter whether it is school or a new job or a new home or a new life.
I will hear people say,”You are so different from what I thought” or “You have such good ideas.” or I am so glad to finally get to meet you.”
For each day that I follow the headline formula of this essay I will become a new and special person. And for those beginning a new segment of life like college this should be a high priority.
I have a suggestion. Even if you are tired at night before you get in bed sit down and think about all the things that happened to you this day. Don’t be afraid to think of the things you found unpleasing like an unkind word you said or was said to you.Or a mark you did not like or an action you did not approve. Just replay it in your mind. Think how you would like to change the outcome; what you would do if you had it all to do over.Time passes and most of us can only wish to do over our actions but, hey!, one never knows if another chance could come up.
Some thoughts in contemplation…What good can I do again? How can I fix what has made me unsettled? Who do I need to talk with? What should I avoid? How do I point myself toward my goals?(Another thought for a personal blog!)
Doing this daily will be an excellent way to make the new “ME” and the information I contemplate will transform me into a great person!Especially all the wonderful things that are going to happen to you now on this journey.

Good Luck!