Monthly Archives: March 2013

He is Not Here! He is Risen!

Imagine your feelings if you were to hear those words from a reliable source? Will I see my dear person alive? What would this mean for me? How can this be? Do I believe?
Jesus died. It can be easily proven that he died. His friends would never have allowed him to be buried alive. His enemies would never have allowed his followers to proclaim his being alive without a complete search for his body through the ages. The government would follow the instructions for his death and burial as ordered or they would not be paid.
It is not as simple to prove the resurrection. Faith has to enter in-that is the sight of things unseen.But think about this.
If all your friends were at your wake and knew you had died, would they spend the rest of their lives-even dying or being tortured, proclaiming you were alive? Not only that would they quote the important things you said and do the important deeds you did in remembrance of you for years and years-even centuries?
These persons had to be utterly and totally convinced that Jesus was alive.
What does this mean for me? For us? Think about it! Meditate! Let these thoughts wash over you!
And have a happy and holy Easter Season!

An Attitude of Gratitude

I am looking at a way of living that is called retirement. It is a litle different because I have always been very busy–even on part time I usually did all the things I did full time and loved it. But now it seems I am doing the things of my life I always chose to do.
I have never read as much as I liked to. I always wanted to listen to my favorite music, see plays and go to interesting movies. I cannot imagine being bored or having nothing to do.
I am so grateful for all the parts of my life. My family was wonderful; we were all close. I loved my studies and welcomed the fine professors I enjoyed in higher education. I love my religious society and they have become my fmily as I grew older. But now I am thankful to my creator for seeing that I have lived long enough to enjoy the latter part of life. I guess one could call it autumn; it could also be a new spring. Lots of colors and lots of breezes and lots of busyness. I am so grateful to be part of it. I hope that with this “retirement thing” coming up I will now have time to do things like answering some of the wonderful people who have responded to my simple blog. A whole new world of friends! I thank you for your response and promise to be in touch wherever and whenever I can. As Bob Hope said, “Thanks for the memories!”
For certain, my attitude is one of gratitude to God, to you, and to retirement. May God help us to realize the wonderful gifts he sends to us and hopes we realize how much he cares. My good thoughts and prayers to you as I move another way of life.