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Take Courage…Do Not Be Afraid!

The new year usually brings change. Either you want to change something or something happens to change you. Scary! And of course most of the time you cannot do anything about it. I am not speaking of losing weight or doing exercise or saving money! I am talking major change. A new job! Loss of a loved one! Or the unexpected consequence of a recent incident. This is where the title of the blog comes in. It is said that there are many things in the bible but not many are repeats. When more than one of the four authors have similar stories the reader can give more credence to the work. Three of the four writers write about this incident.
The title words were spoken by Jesus Christ when he was awakened in a boat by the apostles in a violent storm on the Lake of Galilee. I have seen the Lake and it is large. Once you put out from the shore it is very possible to be surrounded by water and see no land. The Lord also questioned the faith of these persons whom he had chosen to be his first followers. If they believe in him why are they so afraid of the storm? How do they react when after Christ’s scolding of the winds and waves both obey the command to be calm. Do I have faith to believe God will supply the courage I need to accomplish his wishes for me in the coming changes? Do I truly believe that when God says “I am with you at all times” he means it. And if the future will be stormy and dark and scary do I know in my heart that I am truly not alone.
The word COURAGE has the base French word for heart (COUR). The storm can rage, the winds can blow, the rain can fall, but I do not need to be afraid because even the winds and sea obey him and I refuse to be overwhelmed. Lord, increase my faith. Let me find you even in the mighty storms.