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Who Are We That God Should come to Us?

It is getting so close to Christmas and everywhere we look we see lights and glitter and bright colors and hear special music. A lot of people are having very hard times in my part of the world and yet they seem to be thinking of this time as special even though their lives are hurting. Is it possible to suspend my daily life so that I can become a part of a quiet reflection in the midst of the hurly burly of shopping, card writing, present wrapping and cooking and cleaning? I love this special time. I love the fact that a very young girl had to agree to be a mother in a very weird way (a lot of God’s plans seem weird; I think they are a test of faith.)And I cannot believe that the person chosen for her arranged marriage was an old man with a white beard. They would have been a very funny looking couple and biblical writers would have noticed this. So we have this handsome and dashing happy couple getting ready for a big event and the rulers of the country decide on a new way to raise taxes! Yep! A census! but not in their hometown rather in the place of their ancestors! I wonder where I would be going? How about you!
And they are not wealthy so they do not go to a fancy place in this small town-it really doesn’t matter much anyway. Mary is very pregnant and they need to find some place quickly. The warmest spot on a chilly evening would be where the animals are–a stable. And so this tiny vulnerable baby comes into the world of his creation in a tiny town, on a bed of hay–to tell me about what to expect from life.
And this is my first realization of the almighty! Imagine no guns, no soldiers, no angry shouts, just quiet and peace and a bright star and people on the midnight shift(shepherds no less). And the first hymn: “Glory to God on earth and peace to all of good will!” What a wonderful story to think about! Is this the person I believe is the creator of everything? Can it really be that the almighty is telling me what is really important in this world? I hope that in the glory of Christmas 2012 I will remember the simplicity and love that surrounds the coming of a baby in a stable in a place far from home in a hill country surrounded by animals, shepherds and stars in the night! I really need to prepare myself personally for this so special event.