I Am Thankful For. . .

How many times have we said those words and this year there has been so much suffering and sorrow on the Eastern seaboard. “I know I am so glad I am alive, my home was destroyed but not my soul or I had no heat and no elctricity or gas but I made it through and I will come back with God’s help.” These words have been repeated over the past weeks in prayer and also in anger. But I am proposing that maybe Someone is asking more of us than we have previously given. The head of the Catholic Church in Rome has declared this a “Year of Faith.” It begins as a celebration. 50 years ago I was very young and I remember the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church deciding that it was time for a cleaning up. Those are my words but the pope was opening some windows to let in the new spirit. Lots happened. Masses were changed so everyone could understand the words of the ceremonies. Sisters began to study their foundresses and become more modern; many even changing their clothing and places of living. Those were some of the big differences; there were smaller ones also. Now on the anniversary Pope Benedict XVI called us to recall what has changed in the church and embrace the good and remove the things that are challenges to perfection.
At GCU we listened to our Bishop and he called all his people to celebrate a Year of Faith.We are being asked to pray about and talk about and celebrate all the things that make us part of who we are and what we believe in. We are being asked to make ourselves better and help to make others and the world we live in a better place. No matter who you are or what you profess you can do this. Look at the wonderful people who are working all over to help persons injured and hurting from hurricane Sandy. There is something innate in humanity that wants to help.The beginning of this helping is to examine oneself.
What do I need to know about myself to be a better person and be part of all this good? And if we want to be part of the good we need to believe we can do something no matter how small. We all know the commandments, the rules, the teachings, but we are being asked in this year of faith to take a closer step into being a special person in a special year. And that special Someone who watches over us is there to help. Call!

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