I started to look at this word as Cour rage; the heart and anger. Then I was struck by a passage in the bible by Luke. if you want to read it look at LK:6 6-11. There are three main points of contact. First you have Jesus. He, obviously, has been asked to give a teaching on the Jewish Holy Day. All of a sudden he sees someone who needs his physical contact. The second person is a nameless man. All we know about him is that he has a withered hand. Was he born with it? Was he wounded in war? Was it caused by an accident? No background is necessary.The city leaders are watching Jesus closely. They were the Pharisees and the Scribes. Highly educated they did not always sees things in the same way and usually found themselves on the opposite sides of all issues. Right now though they are both angry with Jesus because he seems to go for the way that will help the poor and the sick. And even on a Sabbath holy day also. So the two groups bond to find a way to counteract what they think is going to happen. But it is the wounded man whom Jesus faces and calls to from the crowd.
“Get up and come forward,” he calls. I can feel the man’s fear. “I don’t want to be up front. I don’t want to be looked at as a freak with this funny looking arm. Do I have to get up there? I guess so or everyone will continue to stare at me. At least up front I will have my back to the crowd.” Now Jesus speaks. He does not call to his enemies who are enraged that he is causing a scene in this holy place. No, he gives the man the opportunity to pull away again by asking him to stretch forth his hand. And then he questions whether it is right to do a good deed on a holy day even if it is work? The man’s hand is restored to good health; his enemies are furious at being put down in front of the congregation and Jesus continues with his teachings. It took strong hearts to stand in front of the crowd and carry out this cure against the anger of the town leaders who are now plotting to put the Healer to death. COURAGE! Two strong hearts vs. rage

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