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A Real Surprise!

My last blog talked about a similarity between two words and I never expected to write another like that one. I have to say I had a most relaxing and peaceful vacation. I recommend time-out for everyone. When I returned I knew I had to update my thoughts and as I thought about some of the characters in the New Testament one of my favorites came to mind. St. Thomas was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. The word DISCIPLES is interchangeable with apostles. There is not much known about him from the Bible. He might have been a twin because the word for twin is used as an explanation for who he was. The word for twin could also mean DOUBTER and Thomas was very upset when the man in which he put all his belief died and was buried. Easter evening all the followers, about 120 in all, were locked in a room for fear they would be the next to be killed because they believed in this man, Jesus.
Guess who was not present? You guessed it. and this man who had been executed for doing good came through closed doors and talked to his followers. Thomas did not believe his co-workers. So the following week he was present with the congregation and Christ came again through locked doors. Thomas immediately changed his tune and became a staunch DISCIPLE! Dictionary meaning: pupil or follower of another; many times used in connection as a follower of Christ.
The word that brought all this on is the word DISCIPLINE!
Its definition is to train for proper conduct or a set of system rules and regulations which can be used to punish or penalize. And so I am currently musing on the connections between disciple and discipline. Something hard to practice to
belong to a favored group. I want to see the worth of this connection.
Two commands: love God and love neighbor! Is this really a discipline?