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Vacate and Vacation?

Interesting two words, don’t you think? I am getting ready to vacate my office and go on vacation and I am trying to tie the two ideas together. I think I go on vacation to get away from all the brouhhaha of everyday life. I am certain that my life is nowhere near as exciting as most of my readers lives. But I have always needed calm down space. If I don’t get time to spend on prayer, meditation and good reading I am not at peace. If I don’t do anything at all I still don’t find peace. So vacating my ordinary spaces doesn’t mean a trip to an exotic place or an exciting outing filled with sightseeing and delicious food. That is not to say I don’t like these things; I LOVE them but that is not for me VACATION.
Vacation is about peace, personal peace, peace that persons can feel when they meet me. It is more than the end of war, disagreements and fighting. I don’t vacate my ordinary space to brood; I want to seek prayerful thoughts. Since Easter Sunday all the religious services have spoken about Christ’s words.
“My peace I give you… Peace that the world cannot give…
Do not let your hearts be troubled…a peace that the world cannot give I give to you…do you love me?” We always say that war breaks out, just recently I read that we should say that peace breaks out. So I am vacating my everyday space so peace can become a breakout part of my life. And I recommend to all my reader responders to move away from the unneeded excitement and drudgery of everyday life and find a peaceful spot to find all those people and things we need to put in right relationships in order to make God and the people we love the number one loves of our lives. May God lead you to your special peaceful spot.

Peace and Leaves

My thoughts today have taken a very weird route. These two title words are homonyms. If you remember your old English studies you will note that two words “piece” and the plural of “leaf” have the same sound but different meanings.
How in the world will I weave together piece and leaves?
One of the pieces of peace is the many times after the resurrection that the word peace is mentioned. It is used to stop the women from being frightened; the apostles from being locked away; and hiding from the world; and forgiveness from their deserting the one they have been following for at least three years. To make peace there have to be two pieces. The one who is disturbed with another and the other who does not want to be upset. These two have to come together. They can be individual, groups, nations–well you get the idea. They must negotiate; each must give up something and each must do something. They need to agree on these action points. Maybe they can seal their peace by prayer or go out to eat or celebrate or do something fun. Christ says “Peace I leave you; my peace I give you.” If war breaks out then so can peace come out in bits and pieces.
The same for the vine and the branches as they first are leaves and left for the use of those who want to enjoy the grapes. If we use the leaves thay are always present while the grapes are only left there for a time. If the grapes are not used in the present they die. But the leaves are there for as long as we take care of them.
Well, I said this was sort of weird and it is. I sum it up by saying peace and grapes are for the person who is meditating while the person only interested in the leaves is using only pieces of a good thought. Both words can be thought of together in this kind of unusual way.