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A Reflection on LOVE for Lent

The season of Lent is now more than 1/2over. What have I done for this important pre-Easter season? In what do I believe? With what or whom am I in love? Weird question? I just found a connection between belief and love. Whenever I look up anything on the internet I get to following ideas all over the place. And the connection between belief and love took me on a very interesting trip.
The dictionary definition of belief is one that most people already know. A belief is an inward conviction into something one holds dear and is rooted in. One is usually willing to stand up for a belief. Gandhi’s quotation,”Be the change you wish to see in the world.” for example. I use Gandhi on purpose because I found a connection with the word belief and the Indo European word for belief.
Most of the languages of Europe, Iran, and parts of Asia have similarities to Sanscrit and Persian. If we split the word into two syllables we have “be” and “leurh.” Be is a state of existance, of being alive. Bileven is found in Middle English. The leurh translates into a sense of loving, desiring and caring evolving into Gemanic as bileafa. From this word comes the German term LIEBE or solid, enduring love.
So, what do I believe? What or whom do I love and what have I done so far this Lent to prove the truth of my beliefs?
Easter is just around the corner and I need to look at my loves!