Monthly Archives: January 2012

A Thought for a New Year

Why in the world did Jesus begin life as a baby? What can a baby teach us? Oh, I know, you think of all the things associated with baby care and you say eeew! But there are wonderful things also. A baby has not hurt your feelings by telling you something you do not like about yourself. When a baby smiles at you or takes your finger in hand your body and soul seem to melt into another world. And if a baby smiles in a dream, don’t you wish you knew what was going on in the baby’s dream?
Jean Vainer wrote that Jesus came to reveal the TRUE face of God. A God in love with each one of us no matter how unimportant we think we are. Like snowflakes and fingerprints we are unique, different. Even twins are not totally alike. I could be completely different with red hair or green eyes or big feet or long fingers or a gravelly voice. But I am who I am because that is the way that it is. And my uniqueness is what makes me interesting and loveable. No matter my littleness or importance, beauty or brokenness, strength or weakness–and I believe everyone has all these characteristics–I am loved by a God who thought it important enough to begin life as I did. How can I see human life as anything but precious? How can I make others realize how important they are to my world and the world around us? Can I make a resolution to greet every person in my life as though they were very important to me and I need them to make my world a better place. How good these thoughts make me feel! Just a simple thought for the year 2012.