Monthly Archives: October 2011

The True Face of God

Have you ever wondered what God really looks like? There are so many pictures of God or even of Gods. For Christians so many likenesses picture the man called son of god as blue eyed and blond. Were the Jews of 2000 years ago fair? Today there are some Jewish persons who are blond or red heads but even in present time those in the majority in Israel are swarthy and dark haired. Someone once said, “God made man in God’s own image and man has been returning the favor ever since.” I want God to look like me or my family. I have brown eyes, had brown hair, was not perfect and I know if you are God you must be perfect. So then what does the face of God really look like?
So many people picture God as an angry person, a judge, a punisher, just waiting and watching to “get you”and place you forever in terrible torment.
Some other persons believe God is far away, “up there” not caring what goes on or letting evil cause human suffering.
My God is different. I believe in Jesus who came to show me who the real God was. He had a human mother because I would not have been able to see what he looked like if he was not part of humanity.I see a person who loves people, different people, those I might not even think I like. I think he listens to all who speak to him just as he did many years ago when he walked the earth. I think he believed in the small and the weak and those others might say are problems. He was attentive to each one, no matter their beauty or poverty or brokenness. To him every life was precious and I believe it is now also. Where is this reflection coming from? I have been watching so many of God’s humanity protesting in Central Park day after day. How brave they are! How much they believe in their cause! How they are standing up against the people in control. And what I have seen seems to be peaceful, growing in wisdom, age,and amazing grace. God still listens. May they realize that God loves them and is attentive to each precious human life and will reward each of them with a peace beyond all understanding for standing up for their beliefs.