Monthly Archives: September 2011

My Life is Ruined! Is It?

How many times have I said those words. Are my days over? Is my life finished? What is the worst thing I can imagine happening? Are my feelings caused by betrayals by my friends, or by people I work with or even worse, by my employer? Anyone can find a reason to feel everything they loved and worked for or believed in has been compromised. Consider how Jesus must have felt when one of the most important persons in his group of hand picked followers turned traitor and sold him to his enemies.
Did he know it was going to happen? Did he know the one he was going to choose to lead the pack when he left would deny him. I don’t know that; but I know he refused to back down, to give up, to condemn those who betrayed him and refused to admit knowing him.
Jesus did not give up; he did not give in; he was plenty hurt not only physically but also broken hearted. Like Jesus I know that no one can keep me down unless I let them. Jesus went down but he refused to give in; to stay down; to fail to rise up. Jesus knew that no human being would ruin his life; he would not let them.
Those horrible things that happen to us–to me– can only ruin me if I let them. Sure they hurt, certainly they are sinister forces of evil but I will not let them take over my thoughts and actions. They are a part of living life along with the good and happy things.
I will not quit. I will not give in to evil persons. I will look around at the good things in my life. I will not quit; I will press on for victory in standing up for what I believe in. If I quit who will be the REAL reason for my defeat? If I press on and win who is the only one who can claim the credit for my victory?

My Emotional Heartbeat

God has given us a unique set of feelings that react and act according to what is happening in our lives. Usually those are the things that intensely interest us. Sometimes though things do not work out the way we had hoped and planned for them to happen and then we have another kind of feeling. For me feelings and heartbeats are not the same. This is because I was told somewhere along the way that feelings are just feelings. I do not have holy feelings or sinful feelings. Hm…can this be correct?
I thought if I felt like praying or doing a good deed it was a good feeling. Also if I felt like telling a lie or even a bad truth about someone it was a bad feeling. What I was told was that feelings are not good or bad they are just feelings. They become good or bad by my actions. In other words if I say the prayer or do the good deed my action will be rewarded, a good heartbeat. “A cup of cold water in my name will not go unrewarded” is in the Bible. If I do not follow my feeling I have done nothing wrong or good.
Likwise if I tell some piece of gossip about someone, whether it be a truth or a lie I have committed an evil action. If I do but ignore the feeling and keep my mouth shut tight, I have done nothing wrong or good. My heartbeat is not affected.
So how do these feelings impact my life, my emotional heartbeat? That is what is important. Those things that intensely interest me give me feelings. Don’t ignore those feelings. How do I choose to use them? Do I enrich myself? Do I enrich others by my actions? The big word is ACTIONS!
Remember that actions done with and for someone else brings its own rewards both now and later when my heart reacts to my good deeds. It is a funny thing(funny unusual, not funny haha)but the person who recives my good action usually responds in kind so now there are two people whose heartbeats are happier for knowing each other.