Monthly Archives: August 2011

Conversations with my Friends

Somebody stopped me the other day and said, ” I find it hard to pray. Someone once told me that prayer is talking t God and I know I cannot talk to God. God knows everything I am going to say before I say it, so why bother.”
That is quite a thought. I pondered that for a few moments and then realized that when I pray I am talking to a good friend. Think about your conversations with your best friends or your loved ones. Did you tell your mother you disliked green beans every time you had them for supper? I did. She knew what I was going to say before I said it but I said it anyway. How many times my best friends know the answers to what I am going to say before my words are out of my mouth. Well, whether you realize it or not the person you owe the most to for who you are, who your family is, the circumstances of your life–is God. Whether you are happy, sad, or mad, God wants to hear from you. I recommend you find a quiet spot, maybe a special place, it does not have to be a church or a prayer room. I have a chair I love but I can also carry on a mental conversation with God anyplace even on a bus. I usually tell God how I’m feeling and why; then I say what is going on in my life. I try to tell the good things first so that God knows I am grateful for the happiness I have. Then I talk about all those disturbing events in my life, I explain how I could handle them or what God could do for me if I want to handle them differently. Sometimes I get an inspiration of a completely different way of coping with a happening or even a suggestion on how to make it better. Maybe I think of a person I could go to to share my idea. If you don’t believe in God well that is OK but I know God believes in you. And somehow, somewhere, you will receive an answer to your converstion.
You know that old saying,”Try it you’ll like it!” Well some very interesting things will befall you if you include God in your conversations as a friend.