Monthly Archives: July 2011

CHANGE:Good for the Soul or ???

I was so lucky to be able to spend quality time at the shore. I always find my time there refreshing and life giving–no different this year. I came back to work with all kinds of energy and enthusiasm. So change by way of vacation was very good for me. I hope that everyone who reads this will do something for themselves to relax and look at their lives to see what needs to be changed or improved or built up.
When I was catching up on my mail, I found a letter that I was expecting was not among my missives. I did not think about it at first but just this week I received the phone call that explained why I had not heard from this dear person. Another kind of change!
My friend had an accident. It was very serious and the result was life began in a hospital with only extraordinary means to prolong this life here on earth. This was an even bigger form of change! I do not wish to talk about this at this time; I am not ready for the loss of this person.
What I am thinking about is how the New Testament reminds us that we should always be prepared for anything. The bridesmaids are tired waiting for the bride and groom and so they fall asleep and are locked out of the celebration. Do I believe that death is a trip to my final destination(a permanent place by an ocean)? Or to a place of unhappiness to be alone and in pain forever? What constitutes the different attitude toward death. No human escapes it. It happens to all that live on this earth. I am going to give myself time and space to ponder this idea. I want to be happy at my end; surely I will be frightened always, fear of the unknown is scary. But I plan to share on my blog my future thoughts on preparing for my final destination. And I do not believe life ends in the ground with burial or cremation.
So, off I go now to do some research on “The Art of Dying Bravely.”