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Sore Throat? Here’s Some News for You!

What a winter we have been having and according to all the media it
isn’t over yet. I thought this might be interesting to you in this dull winter month. There was a holy man named Blaise, who was a bishop and killed for his faith in Armenia in 316 A.D. Because this is so long ago much of his story is word of mouth that is handed down by his followers. His story is as follows.
As a young fellow from a good Catholic family he was well educated in the knowledge of his day in the country of Armenia. He studied philosophy and medicine and became a physician. He felt something missing in his life so he became a priest. When the bishop of his city died Blaise was chosen to succeed him. People loved him and he was able to help them by words and miracles of healing. When the Roman emperor of the time decided that the Christians were the plague of his reign, Catholics were gathered up and put to cruel deaths. In prison and recovering from a severe scourging, Blaise was kept alive through the courage of women who sneaked food and water into this holy man. One of the mothers, the legend goes, came to him with a petition to heal her daughter who had an incurable throat disease. Sometimes the legend says the sufferer had a fish bone stuck in his throat and was choking. Bishop Blaise offered up prayers and a blessing from his prison cell and the ill person was healed. Sentenced to be beheaded Blaise prayed for his persecutors and asked that those who sought his aid would be helped even after he was killed. So 2000 + years later on the day he was beheaded,February 3, we ask St. Blaise to “deliver us from every disease of the throat and every other illness.”
These special prayers, like ashes on Ash Wednesday, are called sacramentals. While those who receive them might not be faithful Christians or full believers, these small ceremonies and blessings show the spark of a living faith and pleases God. It makes a sore throat feel better too. Try it.