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New Year – New Beginning

Why does the idea of NEW make me feel good? Today, January 6 is called little Christmas. It is the celebration of the astronomers/kings/magi finally arriving for a visit to the important babe born in a Bethleham stable. According to the Bible, the family still lives in Bethlehem but have now moved into a house. It is probably two or three years later. All this can be figured from Chapter Two of St. Matthew’s Gospel.
When these three gentlemen arrive they meet the mother and child and leave their chosen gifts. It has been a long journey and they don’t have room in their saddlebags (yes, camels have saddles and saddlebags) so their gifts need to be meaningful and small.
They have brought three items considered very valuable in their world. Gold is always given to a king;frankincense is always used in the worship of a god; and myrrh was an herb used to ease pain and suffering. In 234 BC Callinicusis, ruler of Greece offered the same three gifts to the god Apollo. Did the Magi know this? They are usually considered to be Persians. Their appearance is commemorated on the twelfth day of Christmas. Does the idea of the twelve days of presents coincide with the three Kings?
What does this all mean for me? I love getting presents; people usually give me things they think I would like or could use. This year I received some money gifts, not gold but to be used as gold. I received some religious gifts one of which was a beautiful crucifix.
And for my chapped hands, face, and feet, some wonderful lotion.
Will I, like the three kings, make sure I greet the people in my life with joy and love? All of them! Will I see the goodness in everyone in my small daily circle of life; not for worship of them but rather for the specialness God has imbued them with. And when I finish each day can I say that I have been a true healer of hurts and slights?
In this new year, new decade, will I make a new beginning? I am certainly going to try! How about you!