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O Come, O Come, Emmanuele!

The title of the most probably famous Advent Song stirs in me the coming of the Christmas event. I mean the real happening, the one responsible for the gifts and caring, the one whose birth precipitated all the stories, plays and songs we celebrate today. I wonder how many in this generation know the history of the first Christmas.
While it all took place in the little country of Jerusalem it has been absorbed by many of the world’s religions today and told as a tale that happened thousands of years ago.
For me the Four Sundays before Christmas are called Advent Sundays. Each one of them stands for the years that the people awaited their redeemer. After Adam and Eve “did their own thing” and were told to leave the garden and go into the imperfect world where sin and ugliness abide they had to wait for thousands of years to be allowed to return to the gates of the Holy PLace.
Sunday 1 asks us to think about all those in the Old Testament who waited and hoped the special person would come and save them from their hard times. Sunday 2 introduces a special person, John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin and one who preached repentance and sorrow for personal evil. Mark’s Gospel (Chapter 3)introduces us to this brave man who tells us that he is unworthy to loosen the sandals of the one who is to come. Think about your cousins and favorite relatives and how they have helped you to become the person you are today. What have they given you? What have they taught you? How have they made you the special person you are today? By the way Voltaire, the French writer, has said that everyone can serve as an example–even as a horrible one.