Thank You God

Is Thanksgiving any more than the announcement of the coming Christmas shopping season? Or turkey? or time off for traveling? There is a certain lack of holiness about the holiday. And there is no religious nature contained in the actual founding of the event. Everyone knows that here in the USA we have so much to be grateful for–even in a recession. But do we realize that a “thank you” is only one of the four kinds of prayer we should practice?
In the Bible there are many mentions of prayer. Jesus, in the last words spoken at the last meal says a prayer thanking God for all the people who have been loyal and supportive of him(John 17).
So thanking God is a good reason to pray; do I do more than have the “gimmies” when I pray? You know, “Give me this or give me that.” Now you know two of the ways to pray: to ask for something and to thank God for a favor received. As a child I was taught the word ACTS as a way to remember the many kinds of prayer. And I was told that I should pray all the different kinds of prayers. The oldest form is ADORATION. Cain and Abel, the children of Adam and Eve, are first mentioned as they worship at altars they built to honor God. So now you know three of the ways to pray: Adoration, Thanksgiving, Supplication. The last one is the hardest for me. I always find it difficult to say that I am sorry. It is easier to find someone or something else at fault. But I realize more and more that I need to adore God, tell God if I am sorry to have offended not only God, but anybody hurt by my words or actions. God always forgives our acknowledgement of our imperfections. Then, forgiven, I can thank God for all the wonderful things and people in my life, for the good happenings.
Only now am I ready to say what I need or want, what God can do for me. So, this Thanksgiving Day, think of the word ACTS. And use all the letters to Adore God, to say you are Contrite for any wrongs commited, to be Thankful for all the gifts received and to pray in Supplication for those things you know you need to be the best person you can be. Now you can enjoy the day of Thanksgiving.

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