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Some Halloween Spirituality

My blog has been so serious lately I feel the need to lighten up a bit. And how better to do that than to reflect on some fun things. Since it is October I could not help but think that Halloween would be a good place to start. You know Jesus had fun in his life also. We know he went to a wedding with his buddies and they needed to get more wine. He visited his good friends Martha and Mary and Lazarus frequently when he visited in Jerusalem even coming after Lazarus died and raising him from the dead. And what better way to start a new
community than to come together at a fancy supper.
This is not the kind of fun we associate with halloween but the holiday began as a holyday! The real word is hallow evening. Hallow means holy and e’een is short for evening. November 1 is considered in the Christian world as All Saints Day. In Paul’s letters to the people he leaves behind he uses the phrase “the saints–those who have fallen asleep.” So we celebrate these saints on Nov.1. Now whenever people are being very holy and praying for those who have died, whom they miss, who are their heroes. These good persons believed the devil was very active and he was and still is. Satan did/does not want the holy groups to grow by leaps and bounds. So the bad angel called together all the evil spirits of the universe to come and attack the good people who were praying for their deceased loved ones the night before the big day.
So how is that for a factoid on how All Hallow’s Eve became the scary party night of ghouls and witches and goblins. Do have fun but know that the evil ones are out there prowling after those who follow the good road and we cannot always recognize them because they don’t wear red suits and have horns and smell like burning sulpher.