Monthly Archives: September 2010


Why do persons turn away from this word? I do not think the hearts of people are very different today from centuries gone by. I do think that the meanings of words change. I have suggested that you think of sitting and meditating or thinking of different things in your life that you might wish to look at more closely. Usually there is a reason you pick a particular item. I talked about work, occupation, job, because that is where most of your life is spent if you are old enough to be employed. Even students who work can look at two kinds of occupations. It would be interesting to see which one is placed first: student or employment.
No matter who you are you probably would choose to be a better person. Why? What drives you to improve? Do I want to be more healthy? Do I want to be a better friend? Do I want to work for my town, city, country? Do I want more money? Better looks? a bigger job? These are definite things to think about.
All these thoughts are probably in your mind. They can be spoken but not felt, smelled, touched, or seen. They are non body ideas. Hence I want to call them spiritual. Humans have two parts: one is body and one is soul. When one talks about soul one is in the realm of spirituality. And at no time yet has the inference of God come up. Let’s think a little about spirituality and your life and your world and your works and meditate on the why of your life. I think you will be surprised at your findings.