Monthly Archives: August 2010

Work–Worthy of Meditation?

When I was meditating the other day I was thinking of my past days and my “JOB” popped into my head. I thought that my job certainly wasn’t worthy of meditation so maybe I was getting a distraction. But I decided that I spend a lot of time every day working and so maybe I ought to think about my work. I would like to share some of my thoughts with you so you might have a similar experience.
I have a very dear friend who runs a workshop on Work with Purpose and this came to my mind. The why I do my work is so much more than the work. Do I do my work in order to be recognised? Do I do my work in order to get ahead in my career?
Do I do my work in order to be a better, smarter, holier person? Maybe all of the above? Maybe some other reason?
Purpose is so important because I will do a better job if my purpose is better. Jesus Christ who was a special person in the life of the world learned at a young age to be a carpenter like his stepfather Joseph. He did not stay in that career but he treated it like a noble way of work until he felt that he had another calling. The word “calling” when spoken of in career terms is VOCATION.
To be called to a special work or even to find oneself in a special job is the first question I will ask myself. Why am I doing this work now, here in this place, and what is my purpose?
What does the word vocation mean and why is it so close to vacation? Some thoughts to pick up on in the future.

A Thought to Give Special Time To

Presuming you found your special spot and have become used to going to it and sitting quietly I will share with you some further ideas on taking time to meditate. So many people today can see their private thinking time as equal to church time. Certainly one can find God in all the majestic purposes: mountains, seashore, blue skies, babies’ smiles, starry nights, butterflies and so on.
Sometimes good thoughts come when you are not in church–for some it always happens this way. Good thoughts are important for your well-being. No one ever said you had to find peace and happiness in church only.
Go to your special spot. Get comfortable. Breathe deeply in and out for a few times. Go over the good things that have happened today. Feel good about them by saying to yourself, “Oh I am so glad that happened” or something like that. Look at each one and see why it made you feel good, who you were with, and where it happened. If you feel like it you could even right it down.
Now do the same thing with anything that happened that you could have handled better. Perhaps you forgot to say “Thank you” for a kind word. Maybe you answered someone back with a sharp reply. Also look closely and see what happened, why and with whom.A pattern will begin to emerge. Do this for a few days and you will begin to figure out the next steps in this process. Remember what is past is gone, what is future hasn’t happened yet. We only have the now to make things better and meditating on our lives is the first step to making the world a better place for you and all you come in contact with.
So it is good to go to your special place and to think over your day or week or past time.