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Steps to Finding Private Meditation Time

In order to have some private time I must look for a special place. Most persons already have a spot where they feel completely at peace, away from their troubles and comfortable. For some people it is a church or chapel. For others it could be by the ocean or a garden. A rocking chair or a front porch or a sunny spot also qualifies as a special spot where I can be alone and thinking all kinds of thoughts about my life or day or moments. You must have a certain privacy. The spot is yours but you must be open to all around you. If you find this place just visit it quietly and openly. Don’t expect anything and in time, in space, in peace, as you remain there, something good, something most pleasant, something exciting will happen. It will not come immediately but in good time you will relax, breathe more easily and slip into a very good and personable spot–your spot. A famous poet, G.K. Chesterton wrote,”Step softly under snow or rain To find the place where[all] can pray. The place is all so very plain That we may lose the way.” Spend some time and find your special place.

Reflection Time

So many people today are immediately turned off by the words meditation and spiritual. Why? What could possibly be the matter with these words–especially when they are used together. I am going to call this reflection time and, I imagine, you have already begun to think of why you are uneasy about spiritual meditation.
Perhaps you can begin to reflect on how you can spend a little more time in peace and alone in silence just “thinking” without anyone telling you what to do or how to say something or where to go.
I am going to give some thought to the importance of spiritual meditation as a force to live a better life and make a better world around yourself and those you love.

Meditation: What is it?

The dictionary lists meditation as thinking contemplatively, reflecting, thinking, musing, planning. Today everyone needs to take time out of their overcrowded schedules and busy filled lives to spend some time just peacefully thinking about the really important things that are part of everyday living. I believe everyone has been given a unique “emotional heartbeat.” Our heart races when we think about the subjects, activities, or circumstances that really are important to us. Do I even know my emotional heartbeat? Have I ever consciously considered those things that intensely interest me? I know they are never far from my thoughts. In the private reflective spot and mood mentioned in my previous blog I need to ask myself about those subjects that make my heart beat.
As I pull them out for study I must ask myself these questions:
How do I use this interest –to enrich myself? to enrich others?
What are the reasons I love this particular interest?
As I ponder these thoughts and answer these questions honestly I begin to undertake the first stage of meditation.

What Is Important to Me?

My relationship with God, with others, and myself has always been of utmost importance to me. In these modern times I can also add the universe as an important relationship. When I ask myself how I “handle” these relationships in my life I come up with some thoughts to share with anyone who has felt this important need to contemplate their philosophy of relationships. I would be happy if you replied with some thoughts of your own.
I will begin with my relationship with God. I try to place myself in a
state of meditation each day and sometimes more than once a day.
This state helps me to be peaceful and think calmly about some of the things in my life I would like to improve upon.
Basically, I find a very comfortable spot in a comfortable place and I begin with deep breaths to exhale all the noise and storms of my
current life. Then I try to make my mind as blank as possible and decide what is uppermost in my mind. This will take time and is not always the first thing I think of. I ask: Why am I thinking of this now? Where does it belong in my life? What do I want to do with it?
Why? How do I plan to ascend to the next level?
This is the very beginning of meditation. I will continue in my next blog to bring us closer to the life of the spirit which will elevate our mind, heart and soul.