Monthly Archives: May 2010

What Now! One Whole Year Later!

For those who have followed along you are probably wondering where can we possibly go now. If you have followed along there is something very important to realize about all this information. It is not just for reading and enjoying. No, there is work involved as well.
You see, this life is a journey. It requires a travel plan, heading for a destination, an end to where we started and a finish line. St. Paul tells us in his letters that he was running a race. I’m not a very good runner so I look at it a little differently.
I want to follow a path–a way, maybe slowly, maybe taking time to smell the roses as the saying goes. So I want to look at the end of each day and see what I have accomplished and where I went and what I did.
There are good things happening, possibly challenging things, definitely frightening things and, although I hope not, possibly even bad things.
Whom will I share the daily travails with? Who will help me as I go through each day? When will I share? Am I scared to?
One big help for me is that when Jesus’ best friends told him,”Lord
we do not know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” Jesus replied, “I am the way: I am the truth and the life.”
John 14:6.
So how shall we discover the holy? Will we do it together or will it
be a journey of one? I suggest thinking over what you have done each day and whether you are sad or glad about the way things went and with whom you want to share your thoughts.