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He is not Here! He is Risen!

Those words ring clearly to those who are still huddled in shock about the occurrences happening over the past 48 hours. Jesus died on Friday; the Jews could do nothing on Saturday so he is rushed to burial. The good women who supported him and took care of him on his journeys through the countryside wanted nothing more on Sunday morning than to clean the signs of suffering from his body and wrap him in the customized linens that were the proper form of remembrance for the holy. They knew he was not a criminal in any sense of the word and did not deserve to be condemned and die so tragically.
They are the first to hear the words of gladness as they hasten to the tomb wondering how they will be able to get the huge stone pushed back. No need to worry–the cave is open! Someone sits in the cave and tells them, “He is not here; he is risen!”
They rush back to where all the friends are hiding and Peter and John don’t believe them and head out to see for themselves.
They find only the linens in which his body was wrapped. Mary
Magdalene seeks him next. She believes the body has been stolen by the leaders and desecrated. She is crying so does not see clearly. However she recognizes his voice when he calls her name.
He tells her he has not yet ascended to the father but he certainly is not dead.
That same evening Jesus breaks bread with two followers who have left Jerusalem heartbroken and is unrecognized until they supper together. The disciples are so happy that they head back to the secret hiding place of the disciples and their friends to tell everyone that the Lord has risen. The disciples in the room tell them that the Lord is indeed risen and appeared to Peter.
To be sure Jesus is indeed risen; he makes many appearances within the next 40 days to those who have mourned and suffered with him and makes his final presentations to those who follow him. What does this all mean to me as I read this?