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The High Holy Days Are Coming Closer!

Am I preparing to be better, more alert, to agree with Leo Tolstoy, “The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” ?
Sunday is Palm Sunday for many religious groups. The world was looking for a KING/RULER. They were unable to comprehend the fact that one doesn’t have to be a physical ruler, a bully, a gang leader, a loudmouth to take charge. They tried to treat Jesus as a King. They gave him a way to ride into Jerusalem; they cheered at their victory parade. But he paid no attention to the cheers, the excitement, the crowds. He knew what was coming and he prayed for those who believed in him and professed to love him.
Am I preparing to jouney with him on these sad days? To remember how much he must have loved me–a nobody, who few people know and will probably never be remembered for anything spectacular.
Now is the time to become more introspective, to look at my life, “what I have done, what I have failed to do,” and prepare to walk on this journey with the Lord. He says,”I am the way, the truth, and the light,” which makes the journey less lonely because he goes with us on the way. Maybe I can make the trip a little less burdensome for a fellow traveler whom I find accompanying me. Take a look around. You do not have to leave your home town or your neighborhood to make your way the way of the Lord. Blessings on your trip.

Lentan Thoughts Week Two

The second Lenten Sunday is about a miracle that occurs in the three early Gospels. They are all very similar and written around the same time. It is believed that Mark was first; Matthew, second and Luke third.
Usually anything that is mentioned in all three is believed to have really happened.
This is a writing about something called Transfiguration. Today we do not think so much about people changing their appearances. We have creams, hair dyes, surgical procedures–all to make us look more like we would choose to. In biblical times these things only happened by special effects.
When Moses saw God and received the Commandments we are told when he came down the mountain his hair had turned white. Of course, none of us was there so I am using this as an example.
But in Jesus’ case we have three witnesses, Peter, James and John–sometimes referred to as Jesus’ favorites. Time out here! I believe we are ALL favorites so I have reasoned why these three were called. Peter became the first Pope or head of the newly founded church, James becme the first Bishop of Jerusalem where the church has begun, and John was the youngest and last of the Apostles so he was around longer to carry on the spread of the teachings. Back to the Tranfiguration.
If you read the accounts in the Bible you will realize certain similarities. Jesus appearance becomes white and bright, there are two visitors named Moses and Elijah by the apostles present and a voice from a cloud. Moses is the most important man in the old testament and Elijah did not appear to die as he was lifted up to heaven in a fiery chariot. (Jesus is the most important person in the new testament and Jesus ascended into Heaven after appearing to die.)
What I think is most important for me in all this is the voice in the cloud which says, “This is my son. Listen to him.” How do I listen? What do I hear? Do I spend a little extra time figuring out what God is saying–what he wants from me? Scary? O yes! But I will feel a whole lot better if I take time to do this. And when I look up after doing this I, like the Apostles,will see only (ONLY!!!!) Jesus.