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Growing Up in A Foreign Land

The spectacular birthday in the stable with singing angels and lowly shepherds is over. We,too, have put away our reminders of these festive celebratory days.
There are some additional times when the young family is spoken about. The first time is celebrated on the 12th day of Christmas. Yes, the 12th day after the birth is January 6th little Christmas.
The Kings, Scientists, Magicians, Astrologers or whoever they were, found the youngster in Bethlehem in a house–yes, a house. Read the Bible account (Matthew 2:11). The use of the word “house” occurs because the Wise Men followed a star for a long time. It led them as far as the capitol and they visited the King of the Jews, Herod, thinking if someone great were to be born he would be born in a palace or the son of a ruler. Herod does some homework and discovers that the great one is to be born in Bethlehem. So he gives directions to these men(an original GPS signal!) and asks them to return and tell him where they found this child who would be someone Herod and his family would have to be nervous about in the future.
They brought their gifts of gold(THE WORLD), frankincense(RELIGION),and myrhh(SUFFERING & DEATH). They return home bypassing Jerusalem because they did not trust the King. He did not trust them either and called for the slaughter of all the little boys two years and younger using the date of birth the visitors had told him.
How cruel! How much crying there must have been in that tiny town that day! But the baby Herod looked for was saved! His protector followed a dream he had. He alerted his wife and they packed up and moved to a neighboring country where the youngster was able to grow up safely.
What thoughts this brings up! Especially today when there is so much unease about immigration and the help foreigners need in a foreign land. Who helped them? Did they offer money? Did the young fellow make friends? Did he go to school? Would I have been kind to him if he did not know the language?
Would I have made fun of him if he was different?
What are my present thoughts about the many immigrants in the United States today? Just some musings on growing up away from home…

2010–The New Year

I am always shocked by the change of times from 19 to 20. So 2010, which I enjoy typing, is always a shock to me. Will 2010 continue to be filled with hope and good will? Will it be a better time for both bloggers and readers of blogs? Did you make New Year’s Resolutions? Have you kept them so far?
Someone said to me just recently that we should make positive resolutions. That is, instead of NOT DOING something we should turn around and do something positive.
That got me thinking because I never keep my resolutions. Once I completely changed my lifestyle because I wanted to avoid my resolution!
What if I decided to do a good deed every day for example. At night before getting into bed I could ask myself: What did I do for myself or somebody else this particular day?
I have always been a list maker; so this would be perfect for me. After awhile I could see if I do my good works for the same people all the time or the same deed over and over or is there someone included on the list with whom I am not in a positive relationship. Many things to think about in the New Year 2010.