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Almost here. . .

When all the eating, gift-giving, gift opening, game playing, noise making is over what is left of the special day? Why do I feel as though something or someone has been left out?
It is a birthday party which has been celebrated through the centuries no matter who or what has tried to push it down or out. They try to remove the Christ word but it is there in the word Christmas no matter how many ways one says it.

And we celebrate the coming of a little child, a newborn, a simple and poor tiny baby. He comes each year to an unfinished people with incompleted works in continuing times. As we look upon you, little one, may we never shrink from what we need to do, may we continue to save rather than waste, may we not neglect those around us. May we your older siblings who will experiment for you, empower our friends, proclaim and communicate this wonderful news that you have come again to celebrate with us.

May we enjoy the new beginning of a new year in which the Babe of Christmas begins a new time of
peace, love, and happiness. Happy New Beginnings to all.

More on Advent: the Special Coming

I feel the excitement building in the air. Christmas is coming; and music, ads, stores, and persons are moving toward celebration big time. A person usually remembered during this season of waiting is a strange Biblical character. Like the Macchabee brothers who kept all their religious rules and died for their beliefs, John the Baptizer went into the Jerusalem desert to find truth and would later die for this faith in the coming Messiah. These foreshadows of the upcoming event can be found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
I happened upon this quotation from Rick Warren in his book, “The Purpose of Christmas.”
“If you’ll slow down for a few minutes, take the time…to consider the purpose of Christmas, you can receive and enjoy the best Christmas gift you’ll ever be given. Christmas is a time for celebration! Christmas is a time for salvation! Christmas is a time for reconciliation!”
Did you realize Christmas is a birthday celebration? Yes, Christmas songs, Christmas presents, Christmas parties–they all are celebrating a birthday!
And while we celebrate do we usually ignore the person whose birthday we are celebrating?
How often do we do that?
Well, it is Christmas and Happy Holidays just does not really cover it, do you think?

Waiting Advent the coming. . .

Tidings of comfort and joy! Why does the time leading up to December 25 seem so harsh and dreary? Oh, yes, there are parties, noise, loud music-even special songs, flashing lights–but lots of emptiness–yes?
We have just begun a four week waiting period leading to the holy feast of Christmas. It might be that we have forgotten the “reason for the season.”

This first week stands for the 4000 years the people in the Holy Land waited for the one who was to save them from the Roman conquerers. Would he be a king, a wise and learned man, an artist, a soldier, a priest? Things were pretty bad. Even though there was peace in the land there were an awful lot of beggers, lepers, poor unable to find work. Why would anyone pay someone to work when they could purchase cheap labor to do their tasks.

Sounds a lot like the times we live in–our slaves are a little different as they worship drugs or popular persons or things. But those in olden times were also into royalty, money, taxes, depression, and stress.

We, however, are lucky. we can look back into history and see what happened; we can think about this time and look back on it as we prepare for that special day. We can be saved. We can be forgiven. We can celebrate.

Think about what will make this year different for you. Think how you can make this year different. And let us begin this very different celebration of Christmas 2009!