Monthly Archives: August 2009

A Thought for the Times I Live In

I went to see Julie and Julia, the Movie and I did more than loved it. I think I absorbed it. I chose to see it because I really find Meryl Streep the most interesting of actresses. Her range of ability is stunning. Anyway I found this movie to be an eyeopener. It gave me a boost in that I can relate to: no comments on a blog and how this makes one feel. It is also a lesson in perseverance.

I came to my blog today and I had some really good comments. They perked up my spirits. If you had seen the show “1776” you will remember John Adams singing,”Is anybody there, does anybody care, does anybody see what I see?” Well, that is how I felt until I saw the movie and opened my blog.

There were other things about the movie that really made an impression on me. There were two happily married couples with no connection to each others lives. They really lived in two eras. Each spouse helped the other to be the persons they could become. The two couples were of different ages and different times. Hard to imagine in today’s world where 1/2 the marriages end in separation.

I wonder why. Maybe I will look into what makes a person a better person. This could turn out to be a very interesting subject to probe.

I am going to have some fun with this and hope there will be some good thoughts to come from it. I think a blog is like having a pen pal and that will make it interesting. I’ll start getting organized. I don’t want to be totally psychological or religious but maybe a little bit of both. If the world can be a little happier one life at a time…sounds good to me.