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Alleluia People

Easter has come and gone. I have a few thoughts on the Lord’s

coming back to life and then I will reflect on things that touch my







When Jesus died there was no doubt, no question, no misunderstanding Jesus was dead. Those who loved him would never have taken him down from the cross and allowed him to be sealed in a tomb.

Those who hated him and wanted to make sure he died would neverhave allowed his body to be taken down from the cross  and placed there without making certain he was dead. They even received permission from the Roman leader to place their own Jewish guards around the tomb.

Those who could say, “I was only doing my job,” the Roman soldiers,were told by the Roman leader to make certain Jesus was dead and their leader, a centurion, made sure by sticking his lance into Jesus’ heart.

Yes, for certain, Jesus died.

But, did he come back to life?

Ah, there is where one needs faith: a gift from God to believe in something not easily proven.

There were many witnesses who saw the Risen Lord but they were mostly believers. Now, like one of his best friends we want to use our senses to touch, see, hear or feel him. I like especially the prayer of the man who says, “I want to believe; help thou my unbelief.”

If I do believe I am able to say the famous, “ALLELUIA! He is not here; he is risen!

 And then I become an Alleluia person!