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Connections from Old and New Testaments

Presuming that you looked up the Bible reference in the previous blog, you noticed that this time the Apostles chosen by the Lord went out into the street to tell the crowds celebrating the Passover Feast about their new-found understandings. From all over the known world and listening to one language this time they could hear in their own languages. They were able to understand the sermon. Do I understand what people are saying to me? Do I express myself clearly to them and to my creator in my heart?

Word mixups to think about

The Bible speaks of these persons who tried to reach God by building their cities higher and higher. The closer they got to Heaven the more they came to making a name for themselves and forgetting the one who brought them out of danger and into the safety of the valley. God decided that if they were trying to reach him they could have plans to go beyond him so he decided to give them all a separate language and confuse their ability to work together.

So they cut short their building and scattered over the earth because of their lack of understanding of each other. This city and its high tower are called Babel. (Genesis: chapter 11: lines 1-9) 

Contrast this with the Acts of the Apostles: chapter 2: lines 1-11.

The miracle of tongues or the miracle of ears?

Reading the Bible:travel an exciting world

I have always liked to try new things. For a long time I have been hearing about things happening on the web. I am so glad to be thinking of things to say for anyone to read. My best thoughts and things that have happened to me are those points of sharing  and I hope if you are reading this you would wish to respond.

I plan to share my love of the Bible with you. I do not plan to make it a Bible study but if you have a comment I would be happy to receive it.

Because I am new to the blogosphere, for now, I will need to approve of comments before they are posted. I am concerned about blogspam taking over my site.